Clubs and links
Let's see. I can think of several search engines I often use to search for "wedge" items. Google of course, and Altavista, Dogpile, and Vivisimo, just to name a few. You'd be surprised how many different things you can find using different search engines (Vivisimo always surprises me). So, rather than just put a bunch of links on this page which you can find quickly with one of these search engines, I've only put really useful club links here, things that you don't necessarily find when you type in TR7 or TR8 in your search engine. The top 4 are clubs which specifically cater to The Shape: TR7/TR8. Happy browsing!
Triumph Wedge Owners Association
The TR7 TR8 WorldWide Owners Club
TR7 Interessengemeinschaft
TR Drivers Club
Vintage Triumph Register
TR Register
Triumph Sports Owners Assn
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