E-Zine archives
Below are archived the several issues of the nice collection of tips and technical discussion from various places which Johann has called the E-zine newsletter of the World Wide Wedge. To the left is his original posting about what the E-zine all about. In each "issue" you'll find an interesting set of articles. They're posted here in the latest incarnation of the WWWedge for your reading and browsing enjoyment. They're not searchable here but Google seems to do a pretty good job of finding things in these E-zines. Just tell it you want to search this site specifically for something (check out the Advanced Search capabilities of Google (link) or any other search engine).
Ezine (1997-1999) "The WWWedge website is entirely maintained by volunteers. Johan Vorsterman van Oijen is [was] responsible for the design and the daily updates...

The WWWedge Ezine newsletter is moderated by yours truly (Johan Vorsterman van Oijen), and my native language isn't English. But I'll try to do my utmost best to create readable articles.

To get started the WWWedge Ezine newsletter is heavenly [heavily?] based on the Wedge Tips collected by Philip Johnstone from Australia. Another source is the TR7/8 mailing list. I will extracts threads from this list and publish them in this newsletter."
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