FAQ and archives
Why have a FAQ if you have access to a complete set of searchable mailing list archives from 1992 that you can browse? We may eventually put a FAQ together but this archive is really where all the interesting stuff lives, over 10+ years of mailing list discussion! Below is more information and a link to get in to search them. You'll need a password for now. Contact the webmaster (tencate) or write to the WWWedgemailing list and ask for the password. No strings attached, we'd just like to keep this area semi-private for now.
Notes: This endeavor wouldn't have happened without the help from at least a dozen or more people who went digging through old backup tapes(!) and CDs and old hard drives and dug out old Eudora and Outlook mailboxes. Why? Sometime in the late 1990s everything from our mailing list was archived onto "listquest" (Core Networks) which was great at the time (one of our old members was one of the founding software gurus that built the place). Many of us relied on listquest to search for answers to our wedge questions and we no longer kept copies of everything. Hard disk space was still fairly expensive back then you know :-) So, when listquest suddenly vanished, a lot of us (collectively) gasped in horror.
We've now managed to piece together everything back to 1992 (again!) and have made these archives available. We have (1) a searchable online archive (thanks to Huw), (2) a private link where you can download zip'd concatenated text files of each year for those of you with fast internet connections, and (3) an option to get a CD of all the archived files sent to you. Email addresses will be removed from all of these to prevent the archives from falling into the hands of spammers.
Here's the entrance to the archive or use Huw's search engine (left) For now, you'll need a password to enter the downloadable files archive. Those of you who read the WWWedge mailing list regularly know what it is. Those of you who just wandered onto this site looking for information should contact me (or ask the list members) for information and a password.
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