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This wedgesite is a collection of things about the Triumph TR7, TR7-V8 and Triumph TR8. It's the very first website built about these cars, having first seen light of day sometime around 1994 back when the web was wild (and new) and has survived nicely to the present. We still like to keep things simple so don't expect a lot of glitz and flashy things here, just good basic information about these cars. There are plenty of other websites about the Triumph TR7 and TR8 out there now (see Links above) but we think we have something unique to offer and hope you enjoy browsing what's here and use the site to help you find and explore other wedgesites too.
We should also note that this website is the "home" of the WWWedge mailing list, started back in the early 1990s, and much of the content on this website reflects discussions from that mailing list. Remarkably, it is still in operation with around 700 subscribers (most are lurkers though). Instructions on how to join can be found by clicking the MailingList at the top Navigation bar. Happy reading.

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