WWWedge Mailing List


Good grief! :-) We now have too many members on the TR7/TR8 mailing list to keep track of. (For the curious among you, this list originally started around 1990 and consisted only of 5 or 6 fuel injected TR8 owners!) This list was originally set up for discussion of things germaine to the the TR7/V8/TR8. Although we used to have some Rover 3500/SD1 and a few MGB GT folks as subscribers, most of those folks have subscribed to other more specialized lists now so we're almost exclusively a Triumph TR7 and TR8 bunch.

There are other mailing lists you might be interested in too: british-cars and triumphs are the ones that come to mind. If you're interested in joining those lists, jump to SOL (Scions of Lucas), hub of all British Car stuff. In there you'll find a wealth of information as well as stuff about the other mailing lists.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe

Subscription and unsubscription to the regular or digest form of the list is handled by a Lucas model MX-1031 mailbox maintenance robot, found mouldering in a barn in Hampshire and lovingly restored by our trained robot mechanics. This thing really is pretty automated and humans seldom have to intervene but... if you DO have trouble (e.g., you try and subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from an account different than the one you're logged into or originally subscribed from), write me (tencate"at"mac"dot"com). One more thing: if you're using a work account, be sure your employer is enlightened enough to allow you to use your account for reading such fascinating stuff as posted here (lunchtime of course). I know of folks who've gotten their internet priveledges revoked for getting wedge mail at work!

To subscribe (or unsubscribe), send a message containing the line
"subscribe <your-Email-address>"
(without the double quotes or brackets) in the body of the message. To easily do this, click on either of the following two addresses (top two for regular subscription or unsubscription, bottom two for digest version):

tr7-individual mail messages
or tr8-individual mail messages
tr7-digest form
or tr8-digest form

Note that there really are not two lists; tr7 and tr8 list requests go to the same place for the same mailing list. We did it this way to prove we're not partial to one model over the other ;-)

Once subscribed, you'll soon be getting mail, either real time, as soon as the mailer can kick stuff out to you or in the digest form (all of the mail sent to the list each day is sent as one large message late at night). For many the digest form is most convenient.

Using the TR7/TR8 list

The TR7/TR8 list has several aliases for your mailing pleasure and amusement. You can send mail to

Mail gets forwarded to everyone on the list (including yourself). You may not send mail to the list if you're not subscribed. It just won't work.

Some Guidelines

  1. Try not to "shout" at us (i.e., don't use ALL CAPS AS IT GETS PAINFULLY HARD TO READ!)
  2. Do NOT send images (GIF, JPEG) as attachments. Contact the webmaster and we'll arrange something. Images will simply be stripped from the message and no one will see them.
  3. Don't send unsubscribe/subscribe requests or problems to the list, try me first.
  4. Be specific about your car if it's relevant. It makes a big difference, for example, if the car is fuel injected, TR7 or TR8, etc!
  5. Please add your name and car info (and location if you wish) at the bottom of your message to help others know you better. Often the mail header information isn't accessible. For example, we have at least 7 folks named Bill on this list.
  6. Try to keep messages brief and to the point. When replying, don't copy the whole message again. Just the relevant parts please :-) Also, on some machines if you just type "reply" (or rest of us won't see your answer. It's usually best to keep the discussion "on line" so we can all read what's going on but, use your own best judgment.

Happy Mailing!
Jim T. and John W.