The following information was taken from various articles that appeared in the TR Drivers magazine in recent years. The articles were written by Rex Holford with input from Paul Towle. Rex and Paul are current and past TR8 Registrars respectively, for the TR Drivers Club.

This is an area where no definitive data seems to exist. Eventually we hope to publish paint and trim information by year of manufacture, as not all colours were offered over the whole production run. However this will require a much larger data base than we currently have. The research goes on......


Body Colour & Paint Codes

In addition to the paint colour codes Rex has also included the range of touch-up paints that were/are available. Unfortunately some of these are becoming somewhat hard to obtain but he has highlighted the ones still available from Unipart. A word of warning, if you find a tin of touch-up paint or an aerosol in an autojumble, make sure it has not dried out and gone hard.

The following heading definitions should assist in understanding the table.

The colour designation given by BL as part of the TR7/8 range
This is the paint code found on the commission plate (located on the driver#s door or suspension turret)
This was the code used by BL to indicate the paint colour on the vehicle's body record.
This is the abbreviation for G'eneral A'erosol P'aint part number which although obsolete for some years can still be found on the shelves of some garages/accessory shops.
This is the abbreviation for G'eneral T'ouch U'p paint part number, also obsolete as with the GAP number.
This is the current rationalised number for the touch-up and aerosol paints. The suffix letter denotes what it is - i.e. suffix A denotes aerosol, suffix B denotes brush in lid can and suffix C denotes the touch-up pencil.
In some cases an alternative code has been used on the commission plate to denote the colour. The reason for this I have been unable to ascertain.
The colours denoted by *A or *AC in this column are the only ones currently available on the Unipart price list and should be used in conjunction with the PNM numbers.


         Platinum Silver Metallic:

         Paint code on commission plate.............................MCA

         Alternative paint code....................................NONE

         Additional BL code.........................................216

         Obsolete aerosol can number.............................GAP629

         Obsolete touch-up pencil number....................Not offered

         Current aerosol can number..PNM6093A.......- available 2.41ukp

         Current touch-up pencil number..PNM6093C...- available 2.17ukp

         Current brush in can longer stocked

Colour Comm Plate CodeBLVC Code UNIPART Codes Comments
ObsoleteCurrent Alt. Code AV
Maple AAC - 376 376 - -
Russet Brown AAE 205 402 402 6059 - *A
Carmine Red CAA 209 302 302 6032 -
Pimento Red CAB - 277 277 6027 -
Flamenco Red CAD 133 392 392 6052 Also EMC *A
Vermillion CAE 118 418 418 6073 Also CML *A
Monza Red CCB 287 280 280 - Also CMV
Richelieu CCE 211 630 - 6094
Bordeax Red Metallic CCK 432 661 - 6110
Carnelian Red CDE 287 643 - -
Oporto Red Metallic CMP 425 685 - -
Topaz EAA - 382 - -
Mimosa Yellow FAA - 304 304 6034
Inca Yellow FAB 207 403 403 6060
Turmeric FCB 212 626 - 6090 *C
Midas Gold GCC 218 627 - 6091 *A
Pharaoh Gold GCF 375 663 - 6112
Cashmire Gold Metallic GMD 422 686 - 6131 *AC
B.R.G. (1975) HAA 254 378 378 6040 Also HDJ
Java Green HAB 208 383 383 6044
Brooklands Green HAE 169 397 397 6055 Also HMM
Tara Green Metallic HAD - 428 - 6075
Poseidon Green Metallic HAF 281 639 - 6098 *A
Triton Green Metallic HAG 230 645 - 6100 Also HCH
French Blue JAA - 301 301 6041
Delft Blue JAB - 379 379 6041
Tahiti Blue JAE 65 391 391 6051 Also JMP
Astral Blue Metallic JAF 140 400 - 6058 Also JMR
Pageant Blue JAG 224 417 417 6072 Also JNA *AC
Persian Aqua Metallic JCG 241 640 - 6099 Also JMW *C
Cavalry Blue JCJ 433 662 - 6111
Moonraker Blue Metallic JNF - - - 6129 *AC
Zircon Blue Metallic JMJ - - - 6135 *AC
Meteor Blue - 223 - - -
Champagne Grey LMK 248 655 655 6104 *C
Platinum Silver Metallic MCA 216 629 - 6093 *AC
Argent Silver Metallic MCB 396 659 - 6108
Silver Leaf Metallic MME 421 682 - 6127 *AC
White NAB 206 153 153 -
Leyland White NAF 243 415 415 6071 Also NMC *AC
Aran Beige NCC 417 658 - 6107
Pendelican White NCF 215 625 - 6089
Porcelain White NCG - 485 485 -
Black PAG - - - -
Black (Marashino) PCF 373 623 623 -
Black PMA 90 108 108 -

Interior Trim and Colour codes

One myth that should be dispelled, is that of the TR8 only being fitted with the Velour interior. This is not the case. From the start of TR8 production in 1977, its interior remained similar to that of the TR7. The velour trim was first introduced half way through production at the Canley plant. Later, with the different door lock buttons, it was fitted to all U.K. specification Solihull built TR8's and European export TR7's. In the same way many of the Canadian and USA spec TR8's, sporting this interior would have had it fitted as a factory option. A similar, but not identical material was fitted to the Rover SDl and in a number of cases has found its way into both TR7's and TR7V8's. Sadly this material would have been more widely available had not B.L. decided to literally dump it. Rumour has it that it was used as curtain material - what a waste!!

The object of the following chart is to give a guide to the interior trim combinations compared with their year dates. It is accurate for the main stream production cars, but some pre-production, prototype or special edition cars may fall outside the year dates. The major change from Red/Green Tartan to Blue/Tan Check took place in March 1980 for UK cars and late 1979 for USA spec cars, but for the sake of simplicity only the year date of 1980 has been specified.

Table Notes:
A "yes" in the Data Plate column highlights which trim codes will be found on the commission plate. In addition the following acronyms apply to the Application Column.

         AR......Arm Rest and Gear Lever Gaiter

         BT......Boot Trim


         DT......Door Trim

         H.......Hood and Cover (Convertible only)

         PT......Plastic Trim

         RL......Roof Lining & Sun Roof (Coupe only)

         RPS.....Rear Parcel Shelf (Coupe), Rear Bulkhead Cover & Side Panels



Trim Code Material Code Trim Colour Year Application Data Plate
From To
PAA PA Black 1975 1979 DT,AR,PT,V,C yes
1975 1979 RPS
1975 END BT,H
PAA PA Black cord 1975 1976 S yes
AAA AA Beige 1975 1979 S,DT,AR,C,RPS yes
AAA AA Beige Cord 1975 1979 S yes
RAA RA Black with Red Check 1976 1979 S,DT yes
RAB RB Black with Green Check 1976 1979 S,DT yes
RAG RG Golden Tan Check 1980 END S,DT yes
RAH RH Navy Blue Check 1980 END S,DT yes
AAM/AMG AM Golden Tan Velour 1980 END S,DT yes
JAJ/JMN JJ Navy Blue Velour 1980 END S,DT yes
RAF RF Grey Stripe 1979? S yes
CAC CC Tartan Red 1976 1979 C
HAC HC Emerald Green 1976 1979 C
LAD LD Grey 1979? C
AAD AD Chestnut 1980 END C
AAM AM Golden Tan 1980 END AR,H,V,RPS
JAJ JJ Navy Blue 1980 END AR,C,H,V,RPS
NAC NC Sebring White 1976 END RL & V
NAE NE Off White 1979? END RL
LAG LG Grey 1980 END PT
LAH LH Dark Grey 1982 BT(NOT REL)

One item that may not be familiar to many people is the dark grey boot trim. This is in fact a one piece item covering both the bottom and sides of the boot. It seems to be made from an expanded polystyrene type material and so far has only been found it in the experimental cars (X925 and X919). If anyone has any knowledge of trims not covered by the above (excluding aftermarket retrimming) we would be very interested to hear from them.

NOTE on Prefixes:
During the late 1970's, Triumph used prefix letters on the Trim Codes in order to indicate the type of material used as follows:

	No Prefix  -  Leathercloth (Vinyl)

	H          -  Leather (Hide)

        C          -  Cloth

An example would be 'CAAA' which indicates a beige cloth interior.