These pages are intended to provide production information related to the mainstream TR7 and TR8 cars. Some information, relating to the prototype cars and the very rare, genuine, home market TR8s has been purposely omitted. It was felt that there is a significant risk that some unscrupulous rascals might take the information presented here, fabricate VIN numbers (close to the originals), and attach them to upgraded TR7-V8s thus passing these new cars off for real UK TR8s.

This is unfortunate as it means that the list of VINs as presented is not as complete as it could be. (Happily this situation does not apply to the home market TR7s.) Such omissions should affect very few people however and those who feel they have a rare car are encouraged to contact clubs like the TR Drivers Club, TR8 Car Club of America (TR8CCA) or the Vintage Triumph Register for VIN verification (and authentication).

VIN = Vehicle Identification Number

The VINs listed in the registry certainly don't include all of the Wedges ever produced. Rather, they represent cars that were at one time or another owned by members of car clubs which have contributed information to this project. More recently they also include cars that have been registered using the WWWedge registration form. Current estimates for the total TR8 production run of TR8's is less than 3000. Given the number of entries in the Registry database, clearly we have a long way to go.

Interest in the TR7 has in the past lagged behind the more desirable TR8. There has therefore not been the same concerted effort to document the surviving TR7s to the extent of the TR8. This also explains why there are very few TR7s currently in the registry. Through these pages I hope to increase awareness and interest in the TR7 (and TR8) and as time goes on I expect the number of TR7s listed here to far surpass the TR8s. There were, afterall, tens of thousands of them made.

[A bunch of TR7/8 - Holland]

I've also endeavoured to provide a complete TR7/8 Registry related knowledge base which car owners can use to determine the authenticity and originality of their vehicles. This includes articles on decoding the VIN, Paint and Trim Codes as well as various miscellaneous Serial Numbers and where to find them on the vehicle chassis.

Plea for input..... If you can either, provide data for cars not currently on this Registry, or if you can fill in the blanks on a car that is listed, I would appreciate hearing from you. All comments and suggestions are greatfully accepted.

The WWWedge Registry should be, as they say, a 'living document'. With your help it will be updated periodically. In the mean time I hope that the pages that follow, provide some useful purpose.

Mark Elbers (Canada)