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Re: Humbled again...

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Subject: Re: Humbled again...
From: Bob Lang <LANG@ISIS.MIT.EDU>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 15:03:49 -0400 (EDT)
On Wed, 7 Oct 1998 wrote:

> Fellow Foters-

[stuff deleted]

We'll ignore the stuff about gettin' old. That's a given. We're all 
gettin' old---er.

> This situation FORCED me to enter an autocross in Oakland last weekend. I just
> put a new set of sway bars on the street ride and figured...why not? Now as
> far as I can recall, the only other time I ran an autocross was about 1965 or
> so. Now I remember why I never did it again. Eight hours hangin around, an
> hour out in the hot sun, and 3 minutes of fun.

Hey - try this. I pulled a car something like 20 hours out to Topeka, got 
_six_ runs (around 51 seconds on the "South Course", around 60 seconds on 
the "North Course") total. Just to make matters more interesting, we 
stopped at an event en route in Cincinatti - got three 35 second runs 
there... so something like 4.5 minutes of driving the car. Then another 
20 or so hours back to Boston.

Then to enter the event it cost $80 plus $50 because I was too lazy to 
compete in a National or Regional Solo II event this year.... then I paid 
$300 for a pair of tires - so, rounding out - say $450... that winds up 
bing something like $100 per minute not even counting wear and tear on 
the car. I can think of alot of things that are less expensive than $100 
per minute.

Would I do it again - you betcha.

> To make matters worse, I
> listened to some of the "regulars". (Excuses??? Hey I gotta million of 'em
> <g>.) Local wisdom was to put additional air pressure in the tires. That might
> have actually been an OK decision with a stock chassis, but mine isn't, and it
> just made the thing slide around with only the slightest provocation. I
> couldn't carry any speed thru the turns and ended up about 2 seconds arrears
> of a "respectable" time.

Well, being a seasoned veteran, you otta know better. ;-) I usually give 
good advice to my competitors. The key here being usually.
> Oh well, guess I'll just have to settle down and spend ALL my time on the GT6.
> Now if I just had a little time...

Go for it. We'll see you at Road America next year???

> Got an itch...Can't scratch it...
>         Nick in Nor Cal  

Nyuk Nyuk.
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