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What is next to break & important stuff?

Subject: What is next to break & important stuff?
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 23:09:56 EDT

<< Hmmmm, last year it was axles, this year it seems to be
  trannies.  What's next (I hate to think)? >>

<snip> Porsches

Speed tip: get two magnetic gearbox drain plugs.  Swap them
after each race; with practice you will loose very little oil. (yes, I
use Redline) Carefully look at what you wipe off the removed plug. 
Bearing flakes require attention. 

The cleaned magnet will help keep things alive.  I use the same plugs in
the rear axle FILLER hole.

Where is the .AVI file of Spitfire Susan pumping iron (Gear Box)  :-)

FWIW   I have never lost a flywheel off my TR3 crank with the std. setup.
I do use locktighted (on the threads only) G8 fasteners and increased
torque to suit (crank nitrated)  I shift very rapidly but accurately, run
rubber motor mounts,  real race tires, and what some might consider
good BHP & torque.

Don't we just wish that we could dash to the runoffs with the TR3; most
strange after 23 years in a row.  Send thank you notes to the comp board.


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