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RE: FOT nominee

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Subject: RE: FOT nominee
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Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 07:57:05 -0500
Welcome aboard, Steve!

I have a raft of relatives who live in Las Vegas and it would be nice to
have a TR racing connection there when I come to visit.

Joe Alexander

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Subject: FOT nominee


Steve Smith, the person who runs the red GT6 in VARA with us (see the
from Tustin Thunder, sorry Uncle Jack!), now has e-mail.  I hereby nominate
him to the list with all the necesssary pomp and circumstance.  His e-mail
address is He's a great resource on Spitfire/GT6 info and
would be as good addition.  Besides, he lives in Vegas and knows all of the
good spots (cheapest meals, best beer deals, etc., etc.)!


Chuck Gee
Spitfire Racer

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