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TR 8 For Sale

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Subject: TR 8 For Sale
From: jmwagner <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 08:38:09 -0700
Some of you may recall that I purchased this car from a friend many
months ago.  I thought that I would get it running and restore it a
little as I drive it.  Well, I already have a TR 4A, and I have found I
just don't have the time to deal with two TR's.  And, my heart just
isn't in the TR 8.  This car should go to someone that really wants to
restore a TR 8.      It needs a lot of work.

The positive part is that the car is very straight.  It's a california
car when it comes to rust, or lack thereof.  My friend had a small front
end accident a few years ago, and he had the front end all repaired.
The shop did a great job.  It's very clean up front.  Rather than
pulling dents, etc, it looks to me like they replaced part of the front
with parts from a doner car.   Subsequently, the paint job from the
doors forward is very nice.  The paint on the rear of the car is older,
and really could use a respray, though buffing it out would bring it
back to 85%.

The air conditioning:  From what I can get out of my friend, a hose was
damaged and removed during the repairs of the body.... and since he was
short on funds, he didn't have it replaced.  Subsequently, the system is
all there... but the hose is not... and it's been exposed to the
elements.  Therefore, I have no idea how much of the AC system will work
again, but it's all there except for the missing hose.

The interior is totally shot.   My friend just left the top down 99% of
the time.   Sun and light calif. rain got in.   The black plastic of the
dash is just a little faded... and the area around the radio (no radio)
is cracked from a past DPO installation.  Otherwise, the dash areas are
fine.  But the upholstery and carpet is toast.

Tires are relatively new.  Suspension, steering, etc. all seemed nice
when I drove it last.

A few weeks ago, I pulled out the forward wiring harness, and completely
rebuilt it... as it had multiple shorts that had been bypassed over the
last few years.  I put this harness back in... in hopes that the forward
cooling fans would now work normally (on their orginal wiring system),
but they didn't...  then... after a test drive...  the car would not
start again.   That's where I last tinkered on it.  And that's when I
realized I'm just not into this car.  Fuel injection, computer box,
etc... it's just too modern.  I prefer my TR 4A.

It seems to me that someone that really wants to restore the car...
OR... wants to drop a fresh V8 into a TR..... this is THE car to do it
to.  You could find a TR 7 to drop a V8 into, a little cheaper... but it
would always be a TR 7.

The car is near downtown Los Angeles.

Here is how the ad reads on

                      FOR SALE
        Price Negotiability
        Ad Text
                      80 Triumph TR 8 V8 Fuel Inj., Body is beautiful
(CA Car!). Suspension, steering,
                      brakes, etc. are good. Interior is shot. (Interior
was exposed to elements.) NOT
                      RUNNING. SALE IS ''AS IS''.
        Extra Text
                      Car was immaculate a few years ago. My good
friend, a starving student, let this car
                      degrade over the last few years. Driveable and
registered only months ago. Last time
                      it was running, it ran on the hot side and the
valves were noisy when warmed up.
                      Otherwise, drivetrain seemed solid. For what may
only be an electrical problem, the
                      car does not run now and is sold AS IS. Great for
restoration. Fix what's there, or drop
                      in a fresh V8. Price includes some new parts,
including new Roadster Factory Carpet
                      kit. You must arrange towing away. Price is firm.
There is no point in selling the car
                      for less.

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