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"Friends Of Triumph" Newsflash

To: "''" <BillDentin@AOL.COM>,
Subject: "Friends Of Triumph" Newsflash
From: Alexander Joseph H <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 12:37:35 -0500

Of course the Tornado Thunderbolt is a "production car". No one can ever
dispute that.... 

Gotcha!...and now I know I am going to hear 'footsteps' for a long time to

It is great to know that your daughter has good taste....but it must be the
hat from Australia. I am satisfied with the "old" part given some other
choices, however. 

Best Regards,     


P.S: If you put my six year old rings in upside down they will last another
six years at least. But I forgot to mark them.  50/50 chance here.

  I do take exception to the barb, however, that our T-Bolt is not a
car."  I notice the SHOT.  Bob Wismer and I have stacks and stacks of
brochures and data sheets, which will verify the fact that the T-Bolt (in
its glory) is a "production car" We are also in a position to verify its low
run...ONE (-1-).  

But never you mind.  Joe Alexander failed to mention what else I received at
the presentation.  I also received the old rings out of his TR4.  I have
passed by TR4 #197 enough times to know those rings are very SPECIAL.  I
believe he gave them up.  Those old rings are going into the THUNDER BOLT
my watch next season.  WATCH OUT #197!

Thanks again.  Especially to Joe Alexander (who my older daughter Peggy
is nice looking...for an old guy).  She said that!

Bill Dentinger

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