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Re: Re: Jack & Joe in Las Vegas

Subject: Re: Re: Jack & Joe in Las Vegas
From: TR3197@AOL.COM
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 12:16:47 EST
Coming to Las Vegas...soon...the Jack and Joe Show.

I talked to the ultimate matriarch this morning. 85 year old Mom says that 
she would rather drive than fly to Las Vegas this time.  I might capitalize 
on that thought after the first of the year. It is important to take care of 
mom's wishes  

What's that red car following us...with #197 on the side?

Now how do I inviegle Jack into it? 


In a message dated 11/25/99 10:31:36 AM, wrote:

<<The Pep boys Mark, Jack, Joe  came,  saw and sounded like they had a good
time.  Next time they should bring their race cars.

One thing is for sure the gang of TR's at the event was quite strong.  There
was an entire flock of Spitfires, 4's, one GT6 and one ex-scca 6 (Bobby
Cee).  Everyone made each event and still had enough to drive onto the
trailers at the end.

We talked about the practice sessions of Friday and how that was just about
the most fund we could have.  No competition, no rush, no hassle.  We just
followed each other around the track.  I tested three different weber jet
settings from standard to rich with some interesting results and new
insight.  I should tell tractor motor types how fast I turned the motor but,
that would devulge the secret of the millenium.

While waiting in the fuel line on friday we were given a front row
performance by the air-force contingent (race car drivers wannabees).
Suffice it to say it was spectacular.

Dinner was on Chuck Gee.  - He has a good knowledge of the dice and made
more than enough to pay for one heck of a buffet dinner at the Nugget.  I
did substantially, less well but made enough to pay for the tip.  In any
event we came, saw, conquered, ate like little piglets and can't wait to do
it again.

Once again if you want your cars photo on the www site (
email jpegs....



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