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valve springs

To: <>
Subject: valve springs
From: "Frank Axelrod" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 10:21:21 -0500
greetings all

I'm in the process of building a second 1147 for my new g prod spit.  As with
purchased race cars you get a whole bunch stuff with the car.

My deal came with a nearly completed head (ported, polished, cut) and was
"nearly totally assembled except for one set of dual valve springs.  Heres the
catch...I don;t believe the springs are any triumph variation either racing or

They measure 1.70(height) x 1.178 OD where as  replacements measure:
stock              1.55 x 1.105
new double      1.53 x 1.10

To complicate things even more the replacement dual springs are far to short
to enable the 80 psi insatallation rate.

Any thoughts on what these springs may have been from (the seller thought they
were iscy but was not sure) or what I could use as a replacement.

Also, a cool FOT patch would look good on the back of my suit so i'm in


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