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TR4A/TR250 Northern Texas Car

Subject: TR4A/TR250 Northern Texas Car
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:10:05 EST
A racing friend & I bought this car as I traveled through Texas, knowing that 
three or four friends needed/wanted some of the big chunks.  

TR250 Grille...bars are straight....needs polishing and black paint...fits 
TR4-4A, too
Pair of complete & functional Strombergs...needs cross shaft
Intake manifold/TR4A exhaust manifold
Set of (4) knock-offs and hubs
Five wire wheels....need sand blasting and paint...some minor repair
Aftermarket Triumph Nardi steering wheel....needs restoration.
Nice front fender marker lights.
Full set of gauges...have not checked them out yet.

Most of car is committed to friends, as I said...(it has obscenely straight 
and rust free panels!!!  Where is this stuff when "I" need it?)...Rolling 
Chassis and Body is spoken for...but if you need something, ask.

If you have serious interest or me at  or 

I'll try to answer as quickly and the best that I can....I am trying to 
upgrade my race car, and assembly my TR3A street car, and travel...retirement 
can be very demanding, you know.

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