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Re: Spitfire axel conversion

Subject: Re: Spitfire axel conversion
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 11:14:37 -0700
I am wondering where the Spitfire Axles are prone to failure.  I recently 
pulled the axles out of my Chevy pickup and discovered that they are not all
that much larger than the ones on my Mk1 Spit.  I would thing that if there is 
not that much difference in the size, the difference must be in the
quality of the metal if people are having their axles break.  

I would love to hear opinions (especially those backed by personal experience) 
on the subject!

Joe wrote:
>        I recall that there was a discussion about the issue of replacement of
> Spitfire axles some years ago amongst FOTers. I seem to recall that someone
> had the name of specific supplier of these replacement axles. I also recall
> that there was older axle suppliers dating back decades (1970s) that are no
> longer in business.
>        If someone has the time, searching the past Digest of FOT dialogs will
> probably provide the information that you are seeking.

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