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RE: Oil pump shafts?

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Subject: RE: Oil pump shafts?
From: "Dean Tetterton" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 10:02:37 -0400
I know that Cambridge Motor Sports in the UK list an up rated shaft for
39.50 pounds. Don't know of anyone that has tried it. That is about
$63.20 without shipping. 
I have seen a lot of the one's taken from engines that are bent, so
Used one's aren't always useable. Sounds like it could be a needed
Dean Tetterton

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Subject: Oil pump shafts?

There have been a couple of TR engines blown because of failure of the
pump drive shaft -- the one that fits in the gear and drives the distrib

and oil pump.

If there is a heavy duty one on the market somewhere, please let me

If not, I'm considering having a limited number of them made.

No price or schedule available -- just checking for level of interest.
you would be interested, please send me an email so I can determine 
potential quantity.

Also, if you have a suggestion as to how the shaft could be improved, 
please let me know. You may think of something I have not considered.

uncle jack

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