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Re: Kas Kastner's Competition Manual

To: Irv Korey <>
Subject: Re: Kas Kastner's Competition Manual
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 19:36:03 -0700
Doesn't Ted Schumacher have these for sale?

Joe (C)

Irv Korey wrote:
> At 09:11 PM 8/20/02 -0500, Timothy F. Murphy wrote:
> >That makes three of us.  I am also looking to get a copy.  Any info
> >would be appreciated.  A used manual or a copy would be better than
> >nothing.  Thanks for the help.
> If you have a Bentley manual for the TR4/4A, the competition manual is
> reprinted in the very back of the book.
> There are several different competition manuals, for different models of TR's.
> Are all 3 of you looking for the TR4/4A book?
> Irv

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