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RE: Multi-Car Transport?

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Subject: RE: Multi-Car Transport?
From: "Susan and Jack Brooks" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 10:21:37 -0800

I recently moved from NJ to WA.  When the movers came in to give me estimates, I
started in the garage and told them the two TR's (a 3 & an 8) were going inside
the moving van, or their quote would be rejected.  Then we walked through the
entire house, shop, basement and attic, finishing the garage. The movers built a
platform over the TR8, packed above it, built a platform above the TR3, and
packed over it.  Both arrived save and sound.  We ditched one daily driver
before the move.  The other went via Alaskan Transport (national carrier) on an
open truck for $1,100, door to door.  We went via continental, unfortunately.  I
wanted to take a few weeks and cross the country with the kids, but school was
in session.  In retrospect, we should have done it anyway.

How about putting two cars in the moving van and towing the trailer with one car
inside, with the truck?  The cost for putting the two cars in the moving van was
$268 each.

Jack Brooks

>Hi All,
>After careful deliberation, my husband has accepted a job in Albuquerque,
>New Mexico. We need to find an affordable way to get three cars, a trailer
>and a truck from Erie, PA to ABQ. If anyone has any suggestions/offers,
>please contact me off-list at .
>Wendy Hart
>1975 TR6

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