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C/R Trans on E-bay

To: "Friend Of Triumph" <>, <>
Subject: C/R Trans on E-bay
From: "David Wingett" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 17:52:47 -0500
            OK, I'll Bomb the lists with a sale.    I've put a C/R trans up on
E-bay.  (#2404504249 )   $250.00 starting bid for a trans that cost me about
$2K, 4 years ago.  It was my backup trans incase my Quaife trans ever broke.
(It has not!)  It has never had oil in it and has never been in a car.  More
details in the add.
            I'm careful not to self promote or hawk my stuff, but I have NO
reserve bid and someone will get a deal.  I just hope it goes to someone that
knows what a C/R trans is.

    Also, Not part of any trade for the trans... I need a good 3:7 diff.  It's
to be shipped to Fla. for a rebuild, so anyone in that area that has a good
diff. drop me a line.
            David Wingett

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