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To: "John Price" <>
Subject: Re: Races
From: "Bob Kramer" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:37:33 -0600
Group 7 sure is frustrating. The last race Sunday was very similar to the
rest, except that I finally got fed up with the #44 240Z blocking and put in a
complaint after the race. Every time I tried to make a move inside or outside,
he would change his line to jump over in front of me. That in itself I could
live with but on 3 occasions in the last race, he did it when I was already up
inside his rear quarter. What was sad, was that early in the race I did pass
him after drafting him down the straight, and going faster into one and was
pulling away from him. I was running a second a lap faster, and catching a
pair of 911's in front of us (ones I hadn't been able to run with early in the
day), but my car started running too hot. After 3 laps or running slower to
cool it down, the 240Z caught me and passed me on the straight. Soon I was in
a safer cooling zone so I proceeded to try to pass him back for the next 4
laps, with him blocking every move.

After cording the Hoosiers, I was very surprised that I put up my best lap
times of the weekend on Brad's 8 year old Yoke 008's. Being slick as they
could be, I drove them pretty much the same as with the bias ply TD.s,
drifting, really sliding through the turns. The shorter tire and rear ratio
change more than made up for the loss of grip.

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  How did the rest of Sunday go for you?


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