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CVAR at Texas World

Subject: CVAR at Texas World
From: Susan Kahler <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:37:50 -0600
Hi all!

I just wanted to chime in with my two cents about the CVAR event.  Poor 
Brad had to take his first driver school day (Friday) in the rain -- at 
times a SeaDoo would have been a better vehicle for the track than the 
Spit!  It was the best thing that could have happened, however, since 
the students gained a healthy respect for the track, their cars, and 
those around them.  He did very well, but was a lot happier when 
Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warmer!  

I was not feeling well enough to race, but found that hanging out 
trackside in the new RV with drinks, snacks and a good book was a great 
place to cheer Brad on!  

He did great all weekend long -- he got used to the car and to the 
track, and he even passed a Corvette!  His instructor signed off on his 
school form by saying, "Good judgement.  May run with his group any 
time."  Way to go, Brad!  Now get your car done so I can have mine back!  ;)

The highlight of the event was seeing Larry's demeanor after taking 
first in his whole group!  It is such a good feeling when you finally 
get your car sorted out and competitive.  He has been through a lot of 
trials, but the 3 ran strong and well all weekend.  That was one happy 

You have heard about Bob Kramer and John Price's trials, so I won't 
reiterate them.  Bob looked good out there with his new group, but it 
was really wierd to see him running toward the back of the pack when he 
was a front-runner in his old group.  I guess that's what happens when 
you get moved up.  And John and Ed Barnard had to pull Kermit the TVR 
out from his garage space backward on a floor jack due to the overdrive 
locking on.  A well-placed whack with a hammer and it was sorted out. 
 Dan Duryea flew in to help his buddy with the La Dawri, but something 
happened to the car and they left early.  I heard that the back end came 
around while under power going in a straight line down the straight, and 
from then on the car was up in the air in the garage and then trailered.  

It was a pleasure to meet Jim McA and spend some time with him in the 
box suites watching Brad and then Larry race.  We're looking forward to 
your getting your car ready and on the track!  It is really beautiful!

I will post a link to a page of pictures and movies from the event soon.  

Have a great day!  We're snowed in here in Dallas -- not your usual 
occurence!  So I am enjoying the white landscape and telecommuting to work.

Keep Triumphing,
Susan      :)
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