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Re: Displacement testing and 89 mm liners

To: Tony Drews <>
Subject: Re: Displacement testing and 89 mm liners
From: Susan Kahler <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 20:35:58 -0600
Venolia makes pistons to order, so all you have to do is call them and 
give them the dimensions you want. They are made of billet aluminum and 
appear to be of pretty good quality, not to mention reasonable in 
price.  I have had nothing but Venolias in Tristan, and am very 
satisfied with them.

Super Stock pistons
Venolia's super stock pistons are the result of concentrated research 
and development by Venolia engineers. They have successfully produced 
and track-tested the most reliable pistons available. They have special 
lightweight forgings, forged from billet bar stock to provide maximum 
strength with a minimum of weight. The piston design resists skirt 
distortion and maintains proper ring seal.

High Performance Pistons (Brackets, Street Machines, Street Blown, 
Nitrous Oxide)
Large Horsepower increases require extra-heavy-duty pistons that perform 
under extreme load conditions, but remain lightweight. Venolia pistons 
are made from billet bar stock for maximum strength and reliability.

Pro-Stock Pistons
Venolia's exclusive designed pistons are forged from Alcoa's 2618 alloy 
that enables pistons to keep their shape under extreme pressures and 
high RPM's. The result is proper ring seal and high heat transfer plus 
greatly reduced cylinder wall failure.

Tractor Pullers
More top fuel and funny car drag racers choose Venolia pistons. In 
tractor pulls, the loads are even greater. You need pistons that will 
hold their shape under severe pressures.

Experienced boat racers have come to know that Venolia rules the waves. 
No matter what kind of marine engine application, the chances are good 
that Venolia already makes a piston for it. Marathon, off-shore, circle, 
ski and drag. Venolia insures endurance in the marine field.

Have a great night!
Susan     :)

Tony Drews wrote:

> Those very nice Venolias are sitting on my shelf, having been replaced 
> by Wiseco 87mm pistons.  One of the other sets of Venolias are in the 
> uncle jack special.  I switched to the Wiseco's because I had a set of 
> total seal piston rings that would fit the Wiseco but not the Venolia 
> pistons, and needed to replace the rings since I had the engine 
> apart.  So, both Venolia and Wiseco have made 87 mm pistons in the 
> fairly recent past.
> - Tony Drews
> At 07:31 PM 12/8/2003, you wrote:
>> At 07:47 PM 12/8/03 -0500, wrote:
>>> Larry,
>>> I need to go to 87mm on my next rebuild under new VARA rules. I have 
>>> been
>>> using Wiseco 89mm. Their website doesn't list for TR but they have 
>>> 87's for
>>> various import models. All are forged. Venolia has been used by a 
>>> few guys that run
>>> out here. Their website lists for TR4 but I don't know if they are 
>>> 86s or 87s.
>> Venolia *should* be able to make 87 mm pistons since that's what we ran
>> in my car, and Chip Bond's car (and a few other FOT cars).
>> R. John Lye

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