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RE: SPAX shocks and springs

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Subject: RE: SPAX shocks and springs
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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 18:50:44 -0700
I started on my Spit by using GT6 springs that I cut down to get the
right height.  They turned out to be on the verge of being too short to
hold the springs in their perches.  But it worked out pretty well.  When
I decided I needed stiffer springs, I had some custom coils made to the
desired rate and length.  The effect was the height and spring rate I

The springs are short enough that at full extension there is no spring
pressure on the perches.  I have been running them for over a year now
and I have not had any problem with them coming out of the grooves
around the perches.   And with autocross as opposed to road racing, I
suspect it would be more likely to do so. 

That is  my experience, your results may vary (mandatory disclaimer)  :)

Joe (C)

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Subject: SPAX shocks and springs

OK, guys, here's a question for you:

My TVR (Triumph-powered) has independent suspension with top and bottom
wisbones front and rear.

I am currently running SPAX adjustable shocks with coil-over Hyperco
The spring and shock length is what determines the ride height of the
With my springs at their free length (with just a little pre-load) and
adjusting collars all the way to the bottom the shocks are fully
extended. I
need to lower my car about 1-1/2 to 2". Is is possible to go to shorter
springs without having to replace the shocks (I have six, and it's a
economic consideration)? My main concern is that the preload is what
holds the
top retaining collar in place and a shorter spring will make it
impossible to
put any kind of preload on the spring. Without a pre-load the top collar
just fall off at full rebound. Running the adjusting collar up will not
as it will defeat the purpose of the shorter spring.

If no one has an answer, does anyone have a source for SPAX shocks? They
seem to be the least expensive of all the alternatives.

John Price

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