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TR3 Front Brakes

Subject: TR3 Front Brakes
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 23:27:50 EST
As I mentioned some time ago, before the EP TR3 was allowed the Alternative 
TR6 front
brakes, I fully prepped a set of TR3B/4A/6 front brakes in an attempt to cure 
the front caliper locking problem that full slicks on 7" wheels had created, 
even with cooling ducts and boxes, with the TR3 and TR3A calipers (one piece 
and split)

I was already running the 10" factory All-fins in the rear, with max rear 
bias consistant
with staying on the track.

I carefully chose Willow Springs for the race weekend test, as it is not too 
hard on brakes, and there is not much beside the track to hit.  We also held 
the EP lap record there
for many years.

The later set up, with the more flexible calipers, smaller pads, and lower 
rotor mass was terrible.  I tried this setup for the weekend, but never again.  
I spent many hours getting
the late setup optimized and with good cooling and pads.  Oh well.

Remember that Bob T had to retire his TR6 one year at the Runoffs with 
"flaming front
brakes" before the alternative ones were allowed.


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