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A Triumph Holiday Story

Subject: A Triumph Holiday Story
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 16:57:28 EST
I belong to a local British Car Club that is predominately MG owners.  A 
fellow member posted an announcement on our club email list letting us know 
the "Collier Cup 2004" event taking place at Watkins Glen next year.  Since I 
am one of the few Triumph owners in the club I take a lot of grief so I 
replied with the little know bit of history that follows.  I thought I would 
share it with my Triumph friends.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and 
New year.

Marty Sukey

By the looks of thing this should be a well attended event and a lot of fun. 
The Collier Cup has a lot of history behind it and since Jeff didn't mention 
it, I thought I would share some of it with my MG friends since it is the 
Christmas season and everything. Back in the 60's when auto racing was in its 
heyday in Britain there was a towing company located on the outskirts of 
owned by the Collier family. Things were a little slow for the towing business 
one year and the group was sitting around trying to figure out how to drum up 
some business. The old man had been around cars for most of his years and 
knew them pretty well and he came up with the idea of sponsoring a race 
MG's. The game plan was if there was a good turnout of MG racers, then there 
should also be a good turn out of fans. He figured between the racers and 
spectators he would be raking money in hand over fist towing all the ones that 
broke down around the track. I believe the first "Collier Cup" event took place 
in 1963 and the Colliers made so much money from the event that year that they 
decided to make this an annual event. 

Happy Holidays

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