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RE: lap times & Curta Calculators

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Subject: RE: lap times & Curta Calculators
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:23:21 -0800
 there usually is...

As far as Curta calculators go, remeber that they were extremely expensive
when they were new. An economist friend of mine collects these things and
special slide rules--he pays a small fortune for them. Lust for Curta
calculators played a role in a recent highly regarded science fiction
book--I think it was Bruce Stering's Cryptonomicon, though my memory really

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Subject: RE: lap times & Curta Calculators

Holy Cow!!!

Look what these things go for on Ebay:

<<There were two models - the small one and the large one.  There was a
distict advantage to having a leage one.  >>

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