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Re: Christmas gifts

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Subject: Re: Christmas gifts
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 18:00:08 -0600
Dear Kas--

Please send me Page 273 at your earliest convenience. Through some
production error, it seems not to have been included in my copy.

Of course, receiving it not bound into the book will make accomplishing the
recipe below all the easier.

You neglected to state where in the car the resultant mixture should be
poured. I'm thinking in the oil, since my Spit seems to be more limited by
how fast the valve train can go up and down than by how much poop the VP
race gas produces.

Happy Christmas

--Rocky Entriken

(d'jever notice, Brits say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas?). I
suppose if our cars have wings, boots and bonnets instead of fenders, trunks
and hoods, we should also.

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Subject: Christmas gifts

> Okay, a surprise. Everyone who purchased  my book. If you take page 273,
> off the print it in a small pan of race gas and then pour the resulting
> mixture into your car, you will get another 1000 rpm in every gear.
There is
> no guarantee as some people are using this in other than TRIUMPH cars.
> dogs)

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