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Re: Sway Bars

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Subject: Re: Sway Bars
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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 19:18:15 -0800
Shane, could you send me a copy of the specs for your rear sway bar?  Does
it attach using stock rear shocks?  I've attached a picture of my TR6 and a
couple of racing buddies TR4's
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Subject: Re: Sway Bars

> John Price wrote:
> >Wanted: A 1" front sway bar for a Spitfire (actually I need it for my
> >but
> >that's what it uses.) Joe, I should never have sent that one back!
> Have Saner Fabrication ( make one for you.  I just
> them a drawing for a rear sway bar for my TR6 that runs across the top of
> the diff, fully adjustable with rod-ends.  I'll have them do my front sway
> bar as well once I finalize the design.
> Happy and safe holiday seaon to All.  Thanks for rhe camraderie and help
> during the year!
> Shane Ingate in Maryland
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