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Tow vehicle

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Subject: Tow vehicle
From: "mordy dunst/ gasket works" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 07:35:30 -0700
the question:   rear end axle ratio for a tow vehicle..

I know the weight of the trailer, the GCWR of the rig, the torque/hp curve of
the motor (which will likely  change with an aftermarket diesel fuel
management  enhancement kit... banks) , the transmission ratios, tire size.

So, ...How to put this together to make a enducated determination for a ratio
that will pull well and get reasonable mpg?  there must be some  sort of
mathematical plotted curves that put this information on paper  ... where to
find it?  The sales people at the dealerships didn't really have a clue (what
a surprise.).

Answer off line if you wish..



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