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FoT Guest-Jack Wheeler

Subject: FoT Guest-Jack Wheeler
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:36:24 EDT

Your confirmation # is 108330 with arrival on Thursday for TFS nights, at the 
Danville, VA Sleep Inn.

We are very pleased to have to join us at ViR.

Joe Alexander

> Hi Joe.  I am definately coming.  If you can arrange a room for me that
> would be great.  Will I need to confirm it with a credit card for late
> arrival?  If so, let me know who to call.   I will probably be arriving in
> Danville Thursday night.  Also, I will need directions to the track.
> Thanks.
>  I'm kind of leaning toward my E-Type Jag, since it is the newest 
> restoration.  Of course with the gasoline prices, that may not be the best 
> financially.  Would the Triumph guys be offended if I showed up in a Jag?
> I can't think of anything I would enjoy more than three days of watching
> vintage sportscars.  I have heard great things about VIR, and from what I
> have seen on TV, it looks terrific.
> See you soon.
> Jack

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