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TR6 differential question

To: <>
Subject: TR6 differential question
From: Walt Hollowell <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 19:41:20 -0600
I have touched on this question before but I need a little more
I have a differential I took from a 1974 TR6. The case is stamped with a
"CD" prior to a number. I thought this meant a
3.45:1 ratio. Which is what I was looking for. I did the turn the input
flange and count the output flange rotations and it looked more like 3.7:1
to me. So I took off the rear case and the crown gear has 37 teeth. I'm
thinking this all points to 3.7:1.
Can anyone please confirm.
Also how many teeth would a 3.45:1 crown gear have on it anyway??

I thought that you could tell a TR6 diff case that was stamped with a CD to
be a 3.45:1
and a "CF" stamp to mean 3.7:1 ratio.  I know someone can always change
ratios within a case but I don't think tis happened here.

Thank You for your Help

Walt Hollowell
Abq., NM

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