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Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 09:48:39 EDT

A 'Big Healey Racer' friend of mine sent me this E-mail about a 'TR4 Race 
Car' for sale.  This would be in Minnesota.  I have no personal knowledge nor 
interest in this car, but I do respect Jeff's opinion.

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Subject: Fw: TR4 race car for sale
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TR4 race car for saleHi Bill,
    Jessica says Hi too. Got this e-mail from our local A/H club president,
thought the race TR4 may be of interest to you or you know some one it would.
Be a shame to let this TR4 with this much race history slip away. Love to see
some one put it back on the track.
    See you at the BRIC!
Jeff Johnk
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From: Tom Hazen
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Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 6:21 PM
Subject: TR4 race car for sale

My dad wants me to sell his old race car for him.  I'd love to keep it, but I
have my hands full with the Sprite.  Feel free to forward this to anybody who
might be interested.



For Sale:  1965 Triumph TR4 Race Car

Always a race car, never street driven.  Body perfect, never in an accident

Last raced by my father in late 1970s, kept on blocks in indoor storage with
concrete floor since then

2.2 litre 4 cylinder engine complete, but will need total rebuild since it has
been sitting for so long

Stock gearbox, straight and with overdrive

Welded differential (not Detroit Locker)

Dad says he took lots of second places with Midwest Council at Blackhawk Farms
in the mid to late 70s, but couldn't beat the MGBs at that time.

No log book, no title

Currently in storage in Madison, WI, but moving to Twin Cities later this
summer, when I will have fresh photos taken

Will be sold for best offer

For more information, please contact Tom Hazen at 612-237-1883


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