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Re: flywheel bolt lube?

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Subject: Re: flywheel bolt lube?
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 15:07:30 -0500
Related question---

I've always assumed that torque specs using Loctite were the same as the
standard torque specs in the book.

But using ARP I use different specs, usually higher.


The only place I've used ARP so far is rod bolts. And then it was because my
engine guy told me to -- and he gave me the torque specs.

Also, ARP lubricates the bolts going in. Does it also have Loctite


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Subject: RE: flywheel bolt lube?

> Locktite for sure.
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> ARP gives torque specs on their flywheel bolts using their lube vs motor
> oil.
>  I had always thought this was an area that lock tight should be used, not
> oil.  What say you?
> Thanks,
> Marty Sukey

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