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Orange Gloves

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Subject: Orange Gloves
From: Dave Riddle <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 11:42:21 -0700
Anyone know if any of the manufacturers make a bright orange (international 
orange) glove?  I just heard that the Arizona Region is lumping ALL the 
open-wheel cars into a single run group (due to decreased car counts  - in 
all classes - and I am hearing grumbling from drivers about the Region not 
being as "friendly" as it has been in the past) and I want to get a pair of 
bright orange gloves so that when I point an FA, FC or FM car by they can 
clearly see my glove and what side I want it passing me on.

Other local Sanctions do not appear to be having these issues of decreased 
fields.  I helped up in the starters stand at ASRA this past weekend.  They 
had what looked like 50+ cars on the grid for a 30-minute sprint race and 
had over 40 cars run the 2 hour Enduro at the end of the day.  One of the 
drivers said the ASRA sprint field had more cars then showed up for the 
last SCCA Regional.

I'm not running the SCCA Regional this weekend, but I am going to go out 
and see how it looks. Hopefully the doomsayers are wrong.

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