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I'm not so sure about anyone who believes a DeLorean is a step UP from a VW 
Golf,   ;-)  but I suppose he can't be all bad if he arrived in TR territory 
eventually.   I'll second


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Hi all,

The Devin TR2 that Bob Colaizi has been restoring has been sold to Casey
Putsch who is getting it finished to race here in the Midwest for the 2005
season.  He stopped by our shop and looked over my Devin TR3 to get some
ideas.  I thought he would benefit from membership in the FOT so am nominating
him for admission to this group.  Here is his bio.

My car is a 1954 TR2 based Devin that is red with a yellow stripe and powered
by a TR4 engine.

The car has some minor racing history both as a triumph, then as a Devin. The
previous owner had most of the restoration done, but gave up well before
finishing. I will be finishing the restoration as tasteful and period to the
mid 50's as possible, with great care in the preparation for vintage racing.

For the 2005 racing season I will have just graduated (fingers crossed of
course) from Ohio State University with a degree in Industrial Design.

I am currently working as a Ferrari mechanic at NJB Automotive.

I have been heavily involved for 3 years in the Formula SAE racing team here
at the University, serving as both the head designer for all cockpit related
items, operator of the engine dyno, as well as head test and competition
driver. The team competes internationally against about 140 other colleges
from every continent.

I have raced a prepared car in Autocross or Solo II for 7 years and raced
100cc pipe karts for 2 years.

I've grown up around vintage racing and developed my passion from an early

I worked my way up in the car world by being able to make cars better and
eventually sell them for more, thus buying a bigger better car and so on. In
the last 7 years,  I have gone from a $1500 '87 VW Golf  to an '88 VW
Scirocco, to an '81 DeLorean, to a Manta Mirage and a '86 Porsche 944, to an
'82 Ferrari 308 and an '87 Porsche 944. I have also had a '65 Ducati 350 cafi
racer that I then restored to buy my '93 Ducati 907ie that I have currently.

The  Devin comes into play since this is my last year of driving for OSU I
must continue my passion for driving and I want to race for the love of it, so
vintage is my path. I learned of a Lola Can-am car that I was trying to buy so
I sold the Ferrari to get money to work with. Unfortunately that car did not
come to pass and that sent me searching for some car that I could fall in love
with and race as well as drive on the street a little. In my searching I
stumbled upon the Devin. I quickly fell in love with it and am VERY excited
about next season. Although I had bought and sold a lot of cars, I only own
things for the love of it and I always sell them better than I bought them.

I have worried that in being so young I will be looked down upon by more
seasoned veterans in vintage racing. However, I hope that everyone will see
that I am both genuine and sincere. I realize that I don't know everything and
hope that both my car and I will be welcomed next season.

I have copied him on this email so Mark can add him to the list.

Vroom, vroom, and welcome to another Devin TR racer!

Jeff Snook

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