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Re: factory workshop manual

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Subject: Re: factory workshop manual
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:16:13 EST
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> And FWIW, I own two copies of the Spitfire factory manual for my car, and 
> they are NOT the same! The other day I needed to refer to it for something 
> on distributor installation and the reference I knew existed was not in the 
> one on my workbench. Had to get the one I keep in the tow van to find the 
> reference. :-\

Ah yes...ain't that neat, but not all that surprising.  

Years ago I remember being at an early North American Triumph Challenge near 
Detroit.  During their Concours de Elegance two TR3B owners were parked next 
to each other and near fisticuffs arguing about whose car was correct.  Both 
were original owners, but the two cars were not equipped exactly identical.  I 
don't know for sure, but I suspect both were in fact original, and being TR3Bs 
were built with what ever stock was left on the shelf that day.

Bill (Damdinger)

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