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RE: TR vented discs

To: "'Tony Drews'" <>,
Subject: RE: TR vented discs
From: "Hugh Barber" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 21:24:55 -0800
Tony Drews wrote: The page that covers this seems to no longer be part of  I seem to recall that it used late 70's Toyota Cressida (?)
vented rotors.  It needs different (wider) calipers than the standard Toyota
4 pot 70's 4wd caliper conversion.
Hopefully, someone out on the list has done this and has more specific info.


The vented rotor conversion uses rotors from a Toyota Cressida.  The inner
hole of the Toyota rotors needs to be machined to 3.125". The bolt holes in
the Cressida rotors are the same as the TR rotor and do not need modifying.
The Toyota calipers are 4-piston units from a 4 cylinder Toyota 4-runner.
They look the same as the non-vented Toyota calipers used in the conversion
Previously listed on the VTR website; they're just wider to fit the vented
rotors.  Part numbers are as follows:

Rotors - Aimco 3247: 1986-1988 Toyota Cressida Front Rotor (Sedan Only)
Alternate Part Numbers; Raybestos 96042, Bendix 141410

Calipers - Fenco C8554, C8555: 1988-mid 1989 Toyota 4-Runner, 4WD, 4Cyl
Alternate Part Numbers: Cardone 19-827, 19-826

You may also need to purchase a fitting kit (pins, shims, etc) for the
calipers and brake pads.

The installation is the same as for the non-vented conversion at . Sometimes you will
need some thin AN washers to shim the caliper (center it on the disk).  Some
installs need the shims, some don't.

If you would like to see some photos of the conversion, go to

Hugh Barber
Hollister, CA
'73 TR6

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