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To: FOT <>, jeff durant <>
Subject: Nomination
From: Chuck Arnold <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 13:17:47 -0800
I would like to nominate Jeff Durant fro membership in our august 
group.  He contacted me after I bought the TR250 race car last week to 
inquire about possibly buying the wheels.  We worked out a deal wherein 
he will supply me with an engine and radiator so I can return the TR6 
back to a street car and I will give him the wheels. 

He then explained he had done "some" racing in a TR6 in Phoenix area 
[not sure how long ago] and that he had a pretty interesting car 
himself.  Below is a quote.  Anybody with this stuff belongs in this group.

"My car is a '69 TR6 purchased from Paul Volmer in Riverside.  He and 
Lee Mueller used to run it down south.  Kastner thinks it may be number 
7 that was wrecked and purchased by Mueller from Kas (factory).  Lee 
later ran it as number 12, painted light blue.  Kastner also ran number 
8 later as number 12 when it was the Kastner/Brophy car I'm told.  A bit 
confusing with 2 #12 TR6's!  But that's what Kas told me.

My 6 has a couple of the 1.88 first gear CR gearboxes that Kastner had 
built up.  I've since built up another CR box based on the Stag cluster 
and Dolomite CR gears.  It has a 2.14 first.  I also run a Detroit 
Locker rear (3.7, 4.1 and 4.3 ratios), Datsun outer rear hubs, standard 
front and rear suspension components with Delrin bushes, very stiff 
springs and bars,  Koni's up front and uprated box shocks in the rear. 
 I can run weber's, SU's, Strombergs or PI.  To be honest, the 
Strombergs have worked best with great "bottom end" grunt.  I've several 
Kastner cams, S-4, S-5 and S-9.  All work well.  Danny Crower made up a 
couple of special ones per my spec.  Those I now prefer.  Everyone has 
their own taste in cams and rev ranges. "

Thanks and I look for a second!


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