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RE: 10 Heures du Man ?

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Subject: RE: 10 Heures du Man ?
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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:14:18 -0600
<<Where is the 10 Heures du Man held and when?>>

Labor Day weekend, at Gingerman Raceway in Michigan.  It's a great event, put 
on by Midwestern Council.


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Subject: 10 Heures du Man ?

Where is the 10 Heures du Man held and when?

Bill Sohl

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Subject: Garage sale/dreams for 2005

> Fot list (and maybe an available psychologist)
>  If it is the only race I run in 2005 I am determined to run the 10
> Heures du Man in a Spitfire.
> The primary goal is to make this a fund raising effort seeking pledges
> per lap to be donated 
> to the American Family Children's Center in Madison Wi. This is a new
> addition being built
> at the UW Hospital where I am employed.
>  In order to make this crazy idea work I need to clear out most of extra
> stuff from the shop.
> So I am having a garage sale. Every penny from this sale will go into
> finishing the preparation
> of a full prep f-prod car with a limited prep engine built for
> reliability. Here's what we have.
> 1.       #89 blue. This is a long time (one of the longest) Midwestern
> Council g-prod car. It has
> been raced in Council since 1974. A mk1 body with gt6 front brakes. It
> needs a re-build, one
> cylinder is badly scored. It will need tires. I will include 4 bare
> blocks 4 heads and at least 4
> transmissions. The rear has a de-arched spring and competition axles.
> Buy it for $1800!
> 2.       #29 grey. Well. it has a nice roll cage. The body is a little
> rough but repairable. No engine
> no tranny. Great start for a limited prep h-prod car. This one is a
> bargain for only $300!
> 3.       # 34 red. This is probably the most rust free rolling chassis
> you can find in the Midwest. This
> near perfect roller has a de-arched rear spring and competition axles.
> No interior, no engine, no
> bonnet, just an old racer stripped of all it's armor. Roll this out for
> only $750.
>  If you are interested in the whole package it's yours for $2500. This
> is a steal! I may be able
> to help with transportation  in this area.
>  Please help. I need the space. I NEED TO MAKE THIS DREAM HAPPEN !
> Jeff Senty
> Gp89blue
> "Yup, that's all my stuff"
> could be yours 

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