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RE: Portable Air Tank life?

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Subject: RE: Portable Air Tank life?
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 11:24:30 -0800
CYA, pure and simple. Product liability is a bitch. What's really
interesting these days is all the stuff that comes from China that has
little or no liability warnings. The importer/distributors either add their
own, or consider their companies "disposable". 

Sears isn't in that category. I must admit though, that every so often when
I walk by my huge air compressor with it's tank pressure at 175 psi, I give
it a nervous glance. My overactive imagination has no problem conjuring what
that would be like converted to kinetic energy and shrapnel.  

By the way--has anyone else noticed how many people have fallen silent in
the FOT. I hope it's just better things to do than sit at a computer.
Haven't heard from Susan and Brad for a while, Mr. Damdinger has been a bit

One more BTW--I'm pretty far along with the beautification of Peyote--it had
gotten pretty shabby looking. If anyone would like to see a picture, drop me
a line. I've learned a bit more than I really wanted to know about setting
solid rivets and polishing aluminum.  

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Subject: Portable Air Tank life?

I noticed a "warning" label item on my new 10 Gal Portable Air Tank from
Sears.  It stated there is a date on the tank after which the tank should be
discarded empty and no longer used.
Found the stamped warning on the tank which said:
"Do not use after 7 years from date stamped"  The date stamped is 2/20/04.

That would mean I lost almost a full year of use...assuming I really discard
the unit on 2/20/2011...which brings up my question to the any of
you have similar warnings on existing air tanks?  I have a 2HP 20 Gal unit
that is now some 23 or so years old.  No warning on the tank that I ever

When did this designated tank life ending dating start and how widespread is
it?  I am asuming it is driven by product liability fears and/or ASME (not
sure of the acronym hear) specifications.

The really funny thing about this warning is that it is stamped on the
bottom of one of the two foot pads...which means it is likly to get beat up
and unreadable fairly quickly.  If I hadn't happened to see the warning
reference in the one page info sheet, I'd not likly ever know about it.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or whatever.

Happy New Year to all.

Bill Sohl

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