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Re: Compressor/Portable Air Tank life?

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Subject: Re: Compressor/Portable Air Tank life?
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 21:37:23 -0600
I've got a Campbell-Hausfield air bubble that I've been using for about 30 
years! No problems.

Well, I did replace the valve and gauge, but that was after I dropped 
something on it and broke the gauge. I also replaced the hose with one of 
those curly yellow jobs and the chuck with one that held itself on the 
stem -- but those were upgrades, not fixes. :-)

I normally put 120-140 lbs in it and it's never leaked ('cept at the valve 
before I replaced it). Tank is rated to 200 lbs, but the popoff on the valve 
goes at 150.

--Rocky Entriken

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Subject: Re: Compressor/Portable Air Tank life?

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> FWIW, the tank on my ~15 year old Sanborn compressor has a smallish  leak.
> I've
> kept it well drained over the years, even put on a ball  valve that I can
> easily
> operate with my toe so I wouldn't be tempted to not  drain it.  However, 
> it
> appears that the original wheels & stand  don't give the tank enough slope 
> to
> drain completely when sitting on a level  floor ... the leak will 
> sometimes
> blow
> water even when the drain won't.   No doubt the water sitting over the 
> years
> is
> why it leaks  now.
> ==========
> I had a somewhat similar situation years ago with an old Sears compressor
> that didn't drain all that well without some, er, "releveling"! The tank 
> finally
> did spring a very tiny leak, but it was due to poor welding or brazing on
> one of  the legs. A neighbor brazed it up for me in exchange for letting 
> him
> borrow the  compressor for a few days. Never had a problem again...right 
> up to
> the day it  was stolen.... :-(
> --Andy Mace

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