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Re: Zippo at Watkins Glen Sept 8-11

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Subject: Re: Zippo at Watkins Glen Sept 8-11
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Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 15:05:22 -0400
I will be there racing my Lotus XI and I think Randy Williams will also be
there with his TR3.  WOW, that's 10+ FOTers racing!

Jeff Snook
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  Subject: Re: Zippo at Watkins Glen Sept 8-11

  Attending will be:
  Bill Dentinger  Thunderbolt
  Bob Wismer  a real race car
  Ed Ceilley   Spitfire
  Russ Moore  Spitfire
  Donn Sopp  Spitfire
  Henry Frye  TR-4
  Andy Konopka  Spitfire
  Cornell Babcock  TR-3

  These are only the ones that come to mind. There are more. Check the SVRA
website for the updated listing of attendees. Do look us up, we're in the
grass behind the air rescue center. Look for the oil trails that lead to our


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  Subject: Zippo at Watkins Glen Sept 8-11

  The Zippo is coming up Sept 8-11

  Who's planning to attend?
  Any special Triumph happenings there?

  I'll be there crewing for my college buddy with his (shudder) 1951  MG-TD


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