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RE: another strange TR problem

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Subject: RE: another strange TR problem
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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 11:25:41 -0700
When your oil gets hot enough you just don't get that much mayo in the valve
cover, if any, and you won't see water in the sump unless you leak is gross
and happens while the engine is idling.  It could be any or all of the usual
suspects--water coming up the head bolts, through the aluminum plug in the
head, or through the gasket into the pushrod tunnels--or some other place.
Simply put, it happens--I've been living with a little water in the oil
catch can for a long time. Frankly I don't think it's a big deal as long as
the oil gets hot enough to boil out the water, though it's certainly not a
good thing. A quart is more than a little much though.  

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Subject: another strange TR problem

FOT experts. After 50 years racing 4 cyl Triumphs, I have a problem that I
really don't understand. At our last race meet at Fontana, Preston noticed
that we had approx 1 quart of radiator water in the oil catch can & that the
radiator was down about a like amount. There was no evidence of oil in the
water, or evidence of water in the oil. there was no soap in the valve
cover,or change to the plug color. It ran very well with no miss & it did
not get hot. The oil & water have separate catch cans & the radiator catch
can was dry. After much head scratching, we refilled the radiator & drained
the catch can. Not knowing what else to do we raced the main event. The car
went as well as usual, but the conditions were back & perhaps a bit more
water in the catch can than the prior run. please let me know if you have
ever faced this & what the problem was.


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