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[FOT] 1.5 head

To: "fot" <>
Subject: [FOT] 1.5 head
From: "riverside" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 12:35:55 -0500
My mentor, Bill Boemler told me a good SCCA
story about this kport business.  He used the
small intake with the chamfered head to disadvantage
and decided to solve the problem by ENLARGING the
chamferred area diameter and pressing in a sleeve that
resulted in a dia that matched his intake.  In the
late '60's this was of course illegal.  He got torn down
and the inspector saw the modification.  Upon questioning,
Bill informed the inspector that he had had a gasket
sealing problem that the insterted ring solved. He was
not held in violation!  and ran that head for years.

art de armond

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