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[FOT] TR6 frame stiffening

To: Friends of Triumph Triumph <>
Subject: [FOT] TR6 frame stiffening
From: Allen Washatko <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 21:58:50 -0500

The highlight of my BRIC weekend was meeting Bill Warren and seeing his 
TR6 which was formerly Paul Neuman's race car. Bill is a terrific guy 
and was very open to letting us pour over the car which we did. What 
surprised me the most was how much work was put into stiffening the 
entire body/chassis. There were round bars running from the roll cage 
through the firewall to the front of the frame, reinforcement under the 
dash at the firewall and a truss like member in the trunk welded 
between the inner wheel wells. Neither of Kas' books talk about any of 
this nor have I read anything on the FOT about this subject. Am I just 
not paying attention or what? I understand that a non-flexing chassis 
gives you a more predictable suspension and handling. Is this not a 
common subject because the vintage rules don't allow this type of 

Seeking enlightenment!


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