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[FOT] Panasports

To: <>
Subject: [FOT] Panasports
From: "Mark York" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 23:06:28 -0700
Thanks to all who commented on the torque ratings for my Panasports. I
tightened the wheels to 65 ft lbs and had no trouble. The only trouble I did
have was with a pesky 1974 AH Sprite that I couldn't get by. I was all over
his backside (felt like I was riding in his back seat) but the course was
set up so tight that the only passing areas were on the long and short
straight. I could get along side of him coming out of the turn to the main
straight but he could pull me down the straight, (I need about 20 more
ponies; hope to get a fresh engine built this winter)!

Thanks again


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