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To: Dean Tetterton <>, 'Friends of Triumph'
Subject: Re: [Fot] [FOT] Forwarded message regarding oil
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 19:31:14 -0500 (CDT)

Put me down for a case of 10 w 30. I'll pick up at VIR next month.


From: Dean Tetterton <>
Date: 2007/03/07 Wed PM 04:38:26 CST
To: 'Friends of Triumph' <>, 
        "'Jack W. Drews'" <>
Subject: Re: [Fot] [FOT] Forwarded message regarding oil

Now that the FOT seems to be back up, I would like to rekindle the talk
about oil and the loss of Zinc.
As noted in the info from Greg Solow, the Kendall brand name has been sold
to Phillips/Coneco. They have changed all the racing oils to now meet spec
SM and has less Zinc. As we know this is not good for our flat tappet
There is hope as American Refining Group has purchased the old Kendall
refinery in Bradford, PA and is making the OLD Kendall racing oils as Brad
Penn. This oil is 100% Pennsylvania crude and still has .14% Zinc and
phosphorus.  And yes it is still green. They also make a mono grade break-in
racing oil. 
Check out their web site
<>   If you can't find it available in your
area contact me and I can ship it anywhere. I will be the distributor in the
Virginia area and will have it available at any races I attend. The only
reason I am selling it is so they will keep making it as is and not change
it to SM spec. Any flat tappet motor needs this stuff.
Dean T.
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Subject: Re: [Fot] [FOT] Forwarded message regarding oil
The information that we have obtained from Phillips/Coneco, the new owner/s 
of the Kendall Brand. The formulation of all Kendall oils were changed about

2 or 3 years ago. The only oil that was not changed was the 70 sae drag 
racing oil. All of  the other GT-1 oils which had previously been real "race

oils" were reformulated to conform the the specs for street oils which will 
not harm cat converters!
    According to the information that we have obtained, the oils that are 
available with the extreme pressure additives still in them are formulated 
for passenger car Diesel engines. There are 3 oils that have HD zinc and 
phospheros packages. They are Chevron Delo 100 oils, Mobil Delvac 1, and 
Shell Rotella T.

                        Greg Solow
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From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
To: "Mark J. Bradakis" <mjb@Autox.Team.Net>; <fot@Autox.Team.Net>
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 2:29 PM
Subject: Re: [FOT] Forwarded message regarding oil
> My understanding from my favorite oil industry executive is that
> "all" major brands are formulated to meet the newest API standard
> which is SM. That is the standard that took all those goodies out of the 
> oil.
> Want a low cost oil that is still made to the previous standard?
> Kendall GT-1 High Performance motor oil, available from your local
> parts pimp but not from the Walmarts of the world. It's dirt cheap
> compared to the Red Lines, etc. It meets API SL, SJ, and SH, but not
> SM. I used it last season in a newly built engine and after running a
> whole season on the same sump-full, disassembly showed the parts
> still looking like new.
> You can get it in straight single-weights or in dual spec. I use
> 20W-50. I pay $28 a case. All circle track racers in my area use it.
> Take a look at Amsoil's site,
> and look at the zinc content of all the oils. Kendall is the highest.
> Now, the caveat:  I don't know when the Amsoil data was prepared -- 
> wen I check the Kendall site and look at GT1, it says it meets the SM
> spec. But sitting on my desk is a jug of Kendall GT-1 High Prformance
> oil and the label says SL, SJ, SH. i hope they haven't changed it
> over the winter.
>>From: "BOB KRAMER" <>
>>To: "FOT List" <>
>>Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 23:04:57 -0600
>>This was posted on the some British Car web forums and based on the 
>>it is not widely known apparently -----
>>By: Keith Ansell, Foreign Parts Positively, Inc.
>>About a year ago I read about the reduction of zinc dithiophosphate (ZDDP)
>>in the oils supplied with API approval that could affect sliding and high
>>pressure (EP) friction in our cars. The reduction of these chemicals in
>>supplied oil was based on the fact that zinc, manganese and/or phosphates
>>reduce the effectiveness and eventually damage catalytic converters and
>>introduce minute amounts of pollutants into our atmosphere.
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>>Bob Kramer
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