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[Fot] Are there 2 FOT lists?

To: "'Mark J. Bradakis'" <>, <>
Subject: [Fot] Are there 2 FOT lists?
From: "Clark W. Nicholls" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 16:51:21 -0400
Hopefully I'll explain this in one deep breath...
I sent this from my non-aol address...

Being an AOL member of FOT and being apparently deleted after the
resurection of these services, I created a non-aol address to use here.  I
went to the FOT subscription link, added my new address, replied to the
confirmation email, etc.

All is well, kinda...

Shortly after I did this Mark sent out an email saying all was well with the
AOL members, usint some language I didn't fully understand, but whatever.

So now it appears I am currently subscribed at both my AOL address and my
new non-aol address.

The weird thing is that I am getting some threads on my AOL address and
others on the non-aol address.  None are going to both.  They both seem to
be coming from: on behalf of (insert sender

Is there a scientific explaination to this? 
Once they all go to my non-aol address, I'll unsubscribe my aol address!

BTW: I subscribed to the Google list using a different aol address...

Another subject:
Kudos to Mark for adding the prefixes to the different list (Fot, TR, Spit)
subject lines (something I've been bugging him for years about)!  Makes the
SPAM much easier to spot

Clark W. Nicholls
'72 Stag '74 Spitfire
Cwn74 at aol dot com and clarkfot at cwnicholls dot net
"Reality... It's not what you think."
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