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Re: [Fot] BeaverRun & The PVGP 2008 FOT Event?

Subject: Re: [Fot] BeaverRun & The PVGP 2008 FOT Event?
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 10:03:36 EDT
> Joe,
> Sounds good to me!  The Beaver Run event is gaining in popularity each year. 
>  VRG does a pretty good job making drivers happy. VSCCA's PVGP at Schenley 
> is something special.  Racing on public roads!  What a concept ;-)
> I'll be there regardless, probably with Bob Stadel's Ambro.
> Rich Rock

Rich Rock...thanks for 'open forum' supporting comments on BearRun. I have 
received no negative comments from anyone on this proposal.

I know that there are a number of FoT that would like to enjoy a low cost 
'non-festival' event, with lots of track time.   It is not too soon to plan.

Note: It does not have to be an Official FOT Event with the Kastner Cup 
Presentation, to be consider by our unofficial group.

Note: Not all cars, that run at BeaverRun would be eligible to run the PVGP, 
but I believe our cars would be considered on case by case basis.  (#197 TR4 
was invited to run a few years ago. I did attend, but didnt run) Depending on 
your state of mind, the PVGP seems to be pure vintage magic.

Note: Western Pennsyvania is a hot bed of Triumph activity and rife with our 
Triumph Friends.  It is also destination location that seems to be a well kept 

 Enough for the moment. Thanks again!

Joe (A)
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